Hello Out There

I’ve been thinking of starting a blog for a while and finally decided today was the day.

I’m Samantha and I live in the south and I have my whole life. I tend to fall in love with all things sweetly southern. I love being called “Darlin'” and “Sugar” by perfect strangers. I love talking to people. I love manners. I love planning and hosting almost any kind of celebration. I love Disney. I love monograms. I love the beach. I love my family most of all!

The “Loved” part of the blog name comes from the first letter of each one of my children’s names. (We had L,O,V without realizing it and then purposely named the last two names that would finish it.) I am blessed to be their mother and a wife to a great hard-working man!

I hope this little blog will help me better document our family moments, as well as a way to get to “talk” to people I would never get to know otherwise.

I can’t wait to meet you!!

LOVED and Pooh in WDW

LOVED and Pooh in WDW

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