Easter 2016

Easter was filled with activities and fun. We made our traditional Resurrection rolls. We dyed eggs. We went to Easter service. We had two egg hunts. We had two Easter feasts.




Resurrection Rolls:

They will be empty (like the tomb) once they are baked. Take Grands flaky biscuits and half. Put a marshmallow in the center and pinch dough around it. Dip the biscuits in butter and roll in cinnamon and sugar. Bake until lightly browned.




Dying Eggs: We just take packets of regular Kool Aid, add a little water and dip the eggs. No vinegar or anything. It is so quick and easy!!


We ordered the Easter meal from The Fresh Market and we were so pleased with it!

It included ham, macaroni and cheese, potato salad, broccoli slaw, and yeast rolls. All we had to make ourselves was the deviled eggs, baked beans, and dessert.

We had a lovely day!


Today, would be the day that Jesus had His last supper with His friends. Think about it. He knew all that was going to transpire and wanted one last opportunity to have communion with them. Don’t we all think of last moments we spent with people when they die? You almost treasure every look, every breath more as you look back and remember. This is what Jesus gave His disciples. Friday would be the worst and best day. Jesus would face more pain and more torment than we can ever imagine. He would pay the penalty for all sins forever. He would defeat death. But on Thursday, He fulfilled prophesy after prophesy. On Thursday He made it clear as He prayed that He was fully willing to die for us. On Thursday, His humanity was so evident. He knew what the next day would bring, and His spirit was in such agony that He sweated blood. On Thursday, He was betrayed by one of His friends. Thursday first appears so simple. It’s not Good Friday and it’s not Easter. But I bet Thursday was the day the disciples replayed over and over in their minds until they saw their risen Lord on Sunday. Even then the things Jesus said at that Last Supper on Thursday probably made more sense after Sunday.

Thank you, Jesus, for Thursday. The decisions you made on that day. When you
could have chosen differently and you didn’t. I don’t deserve what you did for me, but thank you so much for it! I love you!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day


I took this picture in March 2012.

I have always loved looking for four leaf clovers. I used to spend a good deal of my recess time searching out these little treasures. I still look on my way to and from the mailbox.

Today, we will go out and collect some clovers for decoration and wear our green clothes to celebrate. I made a St. Patrick themed breakfast with green eggs and green decorations. I have a green themed dinner planned. I looked for an Irish recipe; but since my husband and I don’t really eat potatoes or bread, I found it too difficult to find something Irish we all would eat.  I am making green enchiladas for dinner instead. I’m also making rainbow cookies out of Funfetti cake mix.


I got that St. Patrick’s day  printable free from alexandcoprintables.com


To make Super Duper Easy Funfetti cookies:

One box of Funfetti cake mix

One egg

2 sticks of butter

Soften the butter, add egg and cake mix. If you want the cookies a little more festive, add more colorful sprinkles. Stir until well combined. Place small balls of the cookie dough on a parchment covered cookie sheet.Bake at 325 degrees until the edges just begin to brown.

I found some free printable St. Patrick Day trivia cards on Pinterest. Oh, how I love trivia. These little gems are getting placed on the table at dinnertime.

I hope that this day is full of happiness and joy!!

The Little Duke

One of the books we read for school this year is The Little Duke by Charlotte Mary Yonge. It is a great story and very well written. It has some dated language and some of the names are hard to pronounce, but we enjoyed it nonetheless. There were definitely things I had to stop and clarify, but I think this is a benefit. It allows for better comprehension and it makes the story more relatable if they truly understand what is going on and can put themselves in the story. If the records are accurate this is their 34th great-grandfather, so it makes it even more special to learn about someone in our own family.


This true story is about Richard the Fearless, the Little Duke, who became the Duke as a child. The description of the back cover of the book says,

Richard the Fearless, the great grandfather of William the Conqueror, became Duke of Normandy at just 8 years old, after the assassination of his father. The Little Duke tells the heroic tales of his trials at home in Normandy and at the court in France where he was a prisoner.

My children would beg me to read more, but as we got close to the end they begged me not to finish just yet. They were sad to be done with the story.  This historical novel makes history come alive for children. They get the opportunity to “get to know” a figure from the past. They get the chance to see that kings and dukes were once little children too. One of my favorite parts of the book, was when they found a chest that contained Richard’s father’s  (William Longsword) “treasure”. The priest explained to Richard and the men why the contents of the chest were his father’s greatest treasure. It is a beautiful story, and it shows why Richard would become the kind of man that he was.

We truly loved this book and I’m looking forward to reading it again someday with my little boy.

Fixer Upper Love

I love the show Fixer Upper on HGTV. I don’t have a lot of time to watch TV, but it is among the few shows I watch regularly. I am constantly amazed  at the transformations they make to the houses and the vision that it takes to see what something can become.

I love both Joanna and Chip. I love the way they love each other and their family. I love the way they work and play around with each other. I love their story.

My parents renovated a few houses in the past; and I always loved to be part of the remodeling process. I would be a flipper if I had the time and money. I don’t have the vision that Joanna has, but I certainly wish I did! There really is something about taking a house that is old and worn and making it new and fresh again.

One of the funny things about life is how one day you might want to live in the city surrounded by all that hustle and bustle. The very next day the dream of a simple life on acres and acres of land can become your heart’s desire. More and more I find that I want to live on acres and acres of land. I want to have a little farm like Chip and Joanna Gaines. They make it look so appealing. I know the reality is that it is a lot of work, probably WAY more work than I really want or need.  So for now, I will plant my mini garden. I will continue to try my hardest to get my sweet husband to let me get some guinea fowl and some chickens. I’ll keep trying to decorate our house and make it truly a home.  I will watch Fixer Upper and keep on dreaming.



Magnetic Slime

Over the past couple of weeks we have been learning about magnetism for school. Magnets are truly fascinating and there are many experiments that can be done using them. This is one of them.

To make magnetic slime you’ll need:

3 to 4 oz. Liquid Starch

1 bottle White School Glue

3 Tbl. Synthetic Iron Oxide (I got ours from Amazon)

We used gloves, masks and a plastic tablecloth when mixing this. It turns everything black, so be prepared to get messy.

Once we mixed the three ingredients, it became a very nice thick slime. We then used magnets from hard drives to play with the slime. It actually will move and dance with the magnet. The children really enjoyed this.