Happy Thanksgiving

I hope that this Thanksgiving leaves you thinking of all the things for which there are to be thankful. I am so grateful for my family and friends and for all the blessings which God has so generously given.

As we enter into the Christmas season tomorrow, I pray that we can continue to be grateful for the blessings in our lives and look for ways to be a blessing to others.


Countdown to Disney World

Not that we really need a reason to psych ourselves up for a trip to the happiest place on Earth, but I love a fun countdown to create an even greater sense of anticipation. I started 30 days from our vacation date. Each day one of the children opened an envelope with the number of days left written on the front. There was a gift or activity written inside. The treats were all something that could be used on the trip. They included: Disney socks, pajamas, Disney trading pins, Disney movies to watch in the car, personalized coin holder full of quarters and pennies for the pressed penny machines, and a Disney themed gift. There were also Disney themed breakfast, dinner, and cupcakes on the countdown.


This is just a fun little way of celebrating a vacation before actually going on it.