Plates on the Wall

Having lived my whole life in the South, I am shocked that I had never seen plates hung on a wall until I was an adult. Maybe it just didn’t fit in with the shag carpets and orange and green color scheme of the 80s or the huge floral and bright brass touches of the 90s. That’s actually just a guess. I have no idea why I just am getting in on this. I’m frequently late to party when it comes to home decorating.

I saw it in a magazine first, then on one of my favorite blogs (Dixie Delights). I instantly loved the look and with a new house with lots of naked walls I needed plates STAT!

I asked for them for my birthday and nothing happened. Then I asked for them for Christmas from the one person I knew would come through…my sister. She is one heck of a gift-giver. It’s a talent and that girl’s got it! So, I got my plates. I ordered the hangers. I cut out templates of the plates and hung them in different configurations until I found the perfect one and then I was ready to hang them. All I needed now was for my husband to hang them. I waited and waited. For months I waited. I finally took the papers down.

Then I asked the one person I knew who would come and get it done…my niece. She and her wonderful husband arrived ready to hang some plates. He is more meticulous than my husband and I, so it’s probably for the best that we didn’t do the hanging.



It looks fabulous in my opinion. I love looking at that wall. I love that Baby David always says Tasha and Jason every time he goes into the dining room. I also love that every time I look at it I think about the people who bought them and hung them…my family, the people you can always count on.

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