Everyday Shoes {My Favorites}

This seems like a silly little post, but I love sharing good finds with people I like, so here goes. Back in the fall, I got a pair of Sam Edelman nude slip ons (Felicia Ballet Flat)

sam edelman

image: shopbop

I am not the kind of girl that owns 20 pairs of shoes. I wear Nikes when I work out and the rest of the time I wear slip on flats (except in the winter when I might wear boots instead). I had been wearing just a pair of nude shoes from Target, but the girl at Nordstrom told me I just HAD to try these Sam Edelman shoes. She was so right! They are like wearing shoes with tiny cushions in them. Considering how light they are it is very impressive that they are as supportive as they are. Also, these never gave me a blister. I went to Las Vegas in these shoes. They were the only shoes I brought. I walked 16.5 miles one day in these shoes. I still have nothing but good things to say about them. They were honestly great! So, while I was in Las Vegas I bought another pair. They are saddle colored and so they go with lots of things too. If you’re looking for a nice shoe that’s not crazy expensive and is stylish yet functional, try these shoes. I bet you’ll love them too!!

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