Mother’s Day Gift Dilemma

Well, it’s almost that time again. I desperately need to figure out what to get my mother. She always asks for the lamest gifts you can imagine; think garbage cans and toilet brushes (no joke-she’s actually asked for both).

So, buying gifts for her is daunting. My sister is the best gift giver and I am not. I have some perfectionist tendencies that cause me to think and think for the perfect gift and then I never think of one and finally end up buying her those toilet brushes she wanted (Yep, she got them from me). What in the world am I going to do?! This lady is the hardest working woman I’ve ever known. She loves like crazy and is truly amazing in general. I am completely clueless as to what to get her. She would probably love a photo album or some sentimental gift.She would probably love something handmade or super thoughtful…but what exactly??

She’s most likely going to end up with something more along the lines of a paper towel holder.

I need help.

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