Travel Fun Bags

imageMemorial Day weekend is one of the highest travel holidays of the year. If you’re traveling, I hope you do so safely! I also hope that you have a wonderful and memorable time wherever your travels take you. I like to make little fun bags when we go on trips. We will be traveling with two sets of grandparents and my niece and her husband and two sons. I made a bag for each child and then a bag for each couple.

I included the scavenger hunt I made. It had coloring books, colored pencils, cookies, crackers, Lara bars, a journal, mints, chips, personalized cups, candy that I know each person likes, Trivial Pursuit or Life,  hand sanitizer, tissues, gum or mints, my current favorite book, Joan of Arc by Mark Twain, and a little shot of something for the adults to celebrate the arrival.

The kids bags were similar with more junk food, no books from Mark Twain, and no shots of anything.


The children loved their bags and the adults liked them too!

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