School Lunches

Since we are a homeschooling family, I’m sure most people would think that we make lunch when it’s lunchtime. We did do this for several years, until I realized that I was basically a short order cook for 1.5 hours during the middle of our school day. I also came to realize that the motivation level went down to about 2 once lunch was over. This led to many afternoons of frustration and complete aggravation! I made a decision this year that we would have a menu for the week and lunches (for the most part) would be made ahead of time. There is also a time limit for lunch this year. I also incorporated an after school treat for once the schoolwork of the day is completely finished. This has contributed to a higher motivation level after school.

I thought I would share one of my weekly menus.


Monday: Peanut Butter Jelly Sandwich, applesauce, chips

Tuesday: Hawaiian ham sandwich, pineapple, peppers

Wednesday: Pizza, orange slices, salad

Thursday: Pretzel hot dog, strawberries, salad

Friday: Turkey club wrap, grapes, guacamole and chips


Monday: Cookies

Tuesday: Cinnamon brown sugar pecans

Wednesday: Apple slices with caramel and fruit dip

Thursday: Campfire Cones

Friday: Swiss Rolls (their favorite store-bought junk food)




Obviously, this all requires more preparation and some time on my end; but I honestly feel like I have more time and motivation when the children are awake because we have eliminated the negotiation and complaining factor. They know that there are getting what is planned and that there is a treat when their work is completed.

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