In 23 days we will be celebrating Thanksgiving. The actual day of Thanksgiving is usually a very hectic one for my family. We usually go to both sides of the family for lunch then dinner. I always have high hopes that we can truly think of the many, many things for which we have to be thankful, but on the actual day it seems too busy to have time for reflection.

I am hopeful that I can make the days leading up to Thanksgiving a more reflective time. We have a book that I keep at the table during November that we each write something that we are grateful for.

image.jpeg I also would love to think of a way to make some little gifts for people we are grateful to have in our lives. I just got a Cricut. I haven’t had a single moment to play with it, but watch out when I do! Hopefully, I’ll make some cute things to give to our friends and family.

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