Snow Day

Most of the south is covered in snow. Where we live is no exception. I got up this morning and it was snowing and it hasn’t stopped so far. We have about 9 inches of snow on the ground. This is definitely the most snow most of my children have ever seen. The day is still young, but they have made snow cream and done some sledding. They came in to warm up and now they’re bundled up again and playing outside. This is just the kind of day I like. Everyone is home and everyone is looking for fun and no one expects us anywhere.





History’s Mysteries

I never knew my grandfathers. I was born after both had passed away. My father’s father died when he was just a young boy. That entire side of the family lived states away from us so I never really knew them or much about them.

One of the things that I’ve learned from is that my father’s father had been married several times before he married my grandmother. There is even some evidence that he may have had other children. The more searching I do, the more mysteries I seem to find. The worst part of all is that all the people who might have had answers are gone.

I thoroughly enjoy researching my family’s history. I just wish they’re weren’t so many unanswered questions about the man my dad so lovingly called Pop.

Backyard Campout

I do not like the cold. I’m not the biggest fan of bugs or wildlife (i.e. opossums and raccoons). Despite these facts since my children and their father along with their cousins and their fathers enjoy camping out, I gladly play along. Our backyard is wooded and provides a great place to camp. You have all the convenience and goodness of indoor plumbing while still feeling like you roughed it (a little).  So, every year or so we plan a night of camping.


When your s’more catches fire

A few weeks ago, we had our family campout. We roasted hot dogs. We made s’mores. (Try making s’mores with Town House crackers instead of the graham. I’ve heard it’s life changing). We let the children shoot paintballs. We talked and laughed and had a great time. When it was super late, I went inside with the baby and we enjoyed the great indoors while all the rest enjoyed the other.



Baby Boy making “fire”


One of my favorite parts of our tradition is making breakfast for everyone the next morning. I love this little campout tradition and hope they all want to do it for a long time.


Food for the masses

These Are The Days of Our Lives

Everyday is filled with to do lists, places to go, appointments to keep.  We are all so very busy. I watch (actually I hear it while I’m driving and the children are watching it)  Little House on the Prairie. It makes me think about slower days. I always love how at night they just sat around and were together.  When I read the book, the fondness for these moments and Laura’s sweet memories of them shine through. I don’t want to let the busyness of life make me miss the moments. Here are a few from the past couple of weeks that I know if I don’t purposefully try to remember, that I will forget. I don’t want to forget.

005008 We found a dog wandering in the street. We had it about 3 hours before we found its owners. The girls fell in love fast. He was sweet, but I was proud that when the time came they were able to let him go because they had empathy for the owners.

162David climbed into Bony’s lap and wanted him to “hold me”. He’s such a loving and happy little boy.

175While we waited for his sisters to get their teeth cleaned, he put this thing on his head and was just sitting there waiting for me to notice. I don’t think he realized how funny it was.  He is always trying to make us laugh, so maybe he did.


Our little Halloween hot dog, the whole crew and a mermaid all on Halloween.

David’s favorite thing to talk about, pretend to cook and sometimes just randomly say is, “hot dog”. When he saw the costume he just had to have it.

Lillian planned and embellished that costume. She saw it on a Goodwill run when we were looking for a costume for another party. She’s been planning it since August. She’s a planner!

For many years, we have hosted Halloween at our house. We have dinner and desserts. I have games for the kids to play. It’s nice that even as they get older they still want to all get together.

These are the days.