Backyard Campout

I do not like the cold. I’m not the biggest fan of bugs or wildlife (i.e. opossums and raccoons). Despite these facts since my children and their father along with their cousins and their fathers enjoy camping out, I gladly play along. Our backyard is wooded and provides a great place to camp. You have all the convenience and goodness of indoor plumbing while still feeling like you roughed it (a little).  So, every year or so we plan a night of camping.


When your s’more catches fire

A few weeks ago, we had our family campout. We roasted hot dogs. We made s’mores. (Try making s’mores with Town House crackers instead of the graham. I’ve heard it’s life changing). We let the children shoot paintballs. We talked and laughed and had a great time. When it was super late, I went inside with the baby and we enjoyed the great indoors while all the rest enjoyed the other.



Baby Boy making “fire”


One of my favorite parts of our tradition is making breakfast for everyone the next morning. I love this little campout tradition and hope they all want to do it for a long time.


Food for the masses

Until next year…

This weekend I will be putting all of my favorite decorations away. I love my Halloween decorations so much that they actually get dragged out of storage the week after Labor Day and happily put out in their places.

I try to buy as much as I can after Halloween to store away until the next year.  I love pulling out the new stuff every year. 171
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180As I lovingly pack away all my decorations, I am honestly counting the moments until I can replace them with Christmas things. I have a weird relationship with Thanksgiving…it needs better decorations. How can I decorate with a variety of casseroles and a parade I haven’t even seen this year. Forget about the Pilgrims (they’re outfits are atrocious). Until next year, Bony Moroney! You and you’re little dogs will be missed!