Jawbone Fitness Tracker: Review

I’ve had my Jawbone for a few months now. I can honestly say I LOVE it. It is sleek-looking and totally functional. I wear it all the time (except in the shower). It keeps me motivated to meet and beat my step goal each day. I also can keep a food journal with the app. One of my favorite things is the sleep tracker. I know that I don’t get enough sleep. I also know that I wake up multiple times throughout the night. The tracker lets me see how long it takes me to fall asleep and the quality of the sleep I get. It challenges me to go to sleep earlier on the nights when I can. There is a Smart Coach that gives you little tips throughout the day. I really like this part. It has warned me on several occasions that my amount of sleep is so low that I am walking around in a state that is equivalent to being legally drunk. When I get this warning, I make sure I get more rest. The battery life is great on this. It lasts 10 days. I usually just put in on the charger when I hop in the shower.


I’ve tried to convince both my mother and mother-in-law to get one. I see such a benefit to having a health tracker. If you are looking for one, this is the one I recommend. I tried the Fit Bit and the Microsoft watch and can say honestly that this is my favorite!


Jawbone and a Coupon

I had a Fitbit for a week before I returned it. I had lots of trouble with it. I then exchanged it for a Microsoft fit watch. I really liked this watch; but it mysteriously disappeared from my bag after our flight from Las Vegas. I searched high and low through every pocket of every bag, but it is gone. I miss not having something to keep me aware of my steps and calorie burn. I think it helps keep me motivated. The Microsoft was a little bulky and a little more expensive than I wanted to spend (again).

I just bought a Jawbone watch. I met a lady wearing one and she pretty much sold me on getting one a few months ago. Since we are already looking at fall break ideas, I decided I really need to whip myself into better shape and a watch will help keep me accountable. I signed up for their email and got $10% off my first purchase and it was free shipping as well. I bought the UP2 Lightweight Thin Strap for $89.


photo credit: www.jawbone.com

Once I completed my purchase it sent me a link (now expired)to let my friends get $15 off and they would give me $15 off any future purchase. I thought that was a nice little extra.

I hope you have a super day!!