The Oregon Extension

Have any of you ever wished for an opportunity to just put away your phone, unplug the computer, and live a different kind of life just for a little while? My oldest daughter, VG, is doing exactly that this semester and I couldn’t be prouder! She’s always been a deep thinker, but she’s also highly sensitive. She realized a couple of years ago that social media wasn’t something that was good for her mentally, so she got rid of it. During her spring semester, she came across this program that her university is a part. The opportunity came at the most perfect time. The Oregon Extension  

“Every autumn since 1975, several dozen college students from across the country have taken a step “out of the current” for an unusual semester of vigorous intellectual exploration.  Students earn 17 credits, but focus on one topic of study at a time.  Daily reading, small group discussion, and one-on-one conversations with faculty members comprise the heart of the OE program.” (

Although, I can only talk to my daughter on the weekends (because their phones are put away Monday through Friday) I know that she is doing some amazing things. She’s camped out at the Lava Beds National Monument. She climbed Mt. McLoughlin the first week she was there. She’s made goat cheese. She’s milked goats. She has cooked more meals so far than she’s ever cooked before. She was part of de-feathering a turkey that was supposed to be a Thanksgiving Turkey, but was badly injured, so it was necessary to end its suffering. I’m sure there are many more things she has done, and I’m sure there are lots more amazing adventures on the horizon for the next three months. My prayer is that she’ll gain an amazing amount of confidence in herself and an awareness and appreciation for this wonderful world we’ve been blessed to be a small part. She shared a screenshot of a poem one of the professors read. It is perfection.



She also started a blog of her own. She’s  actually had several blogs throughout her life, but this one is about the new phase of her life. I am proud that she is so brave to step away from the things she knows and feels comfortable with, and jump into a life that is so very different and extremely challenging, even if it’s only for a few months.