Planning for Spring

I look outside and I am ready to see green things again. I’m ready to see colors again.

I’ve NEVER had luck with indoor plants. A plant’s lifespan will be significantly shorter if it enters my home. However, my outdoor plants fare better. I’m looking forward to planting some things this spring, but I want to be more intentional than I have in the past. I usually just pick up whatever is pretty and put it in the ground without much of a plan and hope for the best. Last year, I wanted sweet potato vines with Gerber daisies for my urn planters. I chose the colors very carefully and once they took off, they looked divine! I was so happy every time I looked at them. (A side note: one day I went out and the sweet potato vines were gone–nubs were all that was left. Also, all of the little impatiens I had planted down the sidewalk were also nubs. I had real tears and I’ve hated deer ever since).  Seeing what a little thoughtful planning could do, I decided to make a real plan before I put anything in the ground. I’m looking through my seed and bulb catalogs and hopefully I’ll have an action plan and my order figured out by Monday.

The plants I love and definitely want to incorporate are tulips, irises, peonies, and begonias. I also have to figure out what will work in the shady spots and if I’m even going to bother with a vegetable garden with these stupid deer that eat everything!

I can’t wait to get my hands dirty and something pretty planted!!