Gas or Electric?

Last Monday night, I was cleaning my Dutch oven and I went to place it on the trivet on my cooktop. I missed and the edge of the oven hit the glass cooktop and shattered half of it. I was devastated. I hate making mistakes like that;  and I always seem to make them around the holidays. So, here we are looking for a new stove. We are trying to decide between an electric or gas. The gas is more expensive upfront, but the cooking quality is supposed to be so much greater. I’ve only cooked with gas while we were on vacation. I enjoyed it, but am not entirely convinced it really is that much better. Also, we are trying to decide between just getting another cooktop to fit into the island or change the island to fit an entire range, which would give us another oven.

I’d love to hear y’all’s thoughts on it!

gas top

Photo credit: Sears: Kenmore Elite Downdraft

What do you all think?

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