One of the things that I find really difficult as a teacher and parent is teaching about things that are so foreign to us in the United States, but are everyday struggles to people in other countries. It’s hard enough for me to fathom not having a bathroom facility; and I’ll admit that I’m the very worst about thinking having only water to drink is just sad. The truth is that having clean water and a bathroom are real blessings that many don’t have.

The stories in our own headlines lately about lead and other contaminants in our own water makes us appreciate clean and healthy water much more.

The reality is that approximately every 90 seconds a child dies due to not having clean water. Women and children in other countries spend hours and hours a day looking for, collecting, and preparing water for their families.

I mentioned how we are doing different things during Lent to help us focus on love and the gift which Easter brings. One of the things we are doing is learning about a need, a charity that helps provide for that need, and then doing chores or sacrificing something to make money to give to that charity.


Facts from water.org

I took 10 facts about water and put each in an Easter egg with a piece of candy and then I let the kiddos go on a hunt. When they were all found we went through the eggs and the facts together. I think most of the statistics shocked the girls. They had no idea what a crisis there is in the world regarding clean water.

It’s been nice to see them trying to think of things they could give up in order to give something back to a charity like Blood:Water or Water.org. There are a lot of charities that help with the water crisis. I pray even in our small sacrifices that we can help make a difference.

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