Custom Cups

When we went on our trip to Hilton Head earlier in the summer, I wanted to get each person a customized cup for the trip. I thought it would be a cute and functional gift for each person. I also liked the idea that it would be something to keep and maybe remember the trip the next time it was used.

I found 4 Lilly Pulitzer cups at TJ Maxx. I stored them away for months with the idea to get monogram decals to put on each one. I then got my girls Sigg-like bottles with the idea to do the same to them.

I didn’t want to leave the boys or men out, so I ordered reusable red Solo cups for each of the men with their names on them. The boys got reusable blue Solo cups with their names on them.

I ordered the cups from Etsy shop, Down South Monogram.  The decals were purchased from Etsy shop, Vinylosity.

I think they all turned out really cute. They were definitely handy at the house and by the pool.




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