Good Morning

Most mornings I’m up and among non-family people before the sun comes up or at least very near that time. It always strikes me how people are so friendly in the mornings. Now, I know there are those people who detest mornings and they are not at all happy to chat it up with anybody; but I don’t usually encounter those people. Almost everyone who I see bright and early says, “Good morning.” We might even have a little chat as we walk along. It makes the day a little brighter when I meet up with nice people in those early hours of the day.

001 - Copy

I always say a sky like that is a reward for being up early.

I asked my husband why he thought people were much more likely to acknowledge and address one another in the morning. He believes that it’s because the stress of the day hasn’t worn people down yet and that the schedule seems a little more free to allow those extra few seconds or minutes of friendly chatter.

I think if people talked more, acknowledged one another more, and if we took a few seconds to greet one another and truly share more moments with each other, this world would be a better place. If I know someone else’s burdens or joys, even if I don’t know their last name, I’m more grateful and more caring for them and my own family than if I shut myself up in my own little world and only care about the things in my reach. I hope this morning is a good one for you and I hope that your day is a better one than yesterday!



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