Road trip scavenger hunt{fall break 2016}

I always make treat bags and games for road trips. One that my children and both sets of grandparents enjoy is the scavenger hunt. I try to make it challenging so it lasts the entire drive to our destination.

Here’s the fall break version:


Scavenger Hunt: Fall Break 2016


  1. Chattahoochee River
  2. Sign for Ruby Falls
  3. Horses
  4. New Jersey license plate
  5. City Bus
  6. Palm Trees
  7. Stadium
  8. Minnesota license plate
  9. Sign for falling rock
  10. Hospital
  11. Bridge
  12. River
  13. Dilapidated Barn
  14. Tractor
  15. Roadkill
  16. Old car (50s, 60s, 70s)
  17. My kid is an honor student sticker
  18. A university
  19. Sign for an attorney
  20. Big sign for liquor store
  21. Cross on the roadside
  22. A car with a dog in it
  23. Driver eating
  24. Fountain
  25. A sticker family on the back window
  26. Gary Johnson sign or sticker
  27. A car playing a movie inside
  28. A passenger sleeping (not in your own car)
  29. Grocery store
  30. Bakery
  31. Boat
  32. A car with a bike attached
  33. Historic marker
  34. Construction zone
  35. State trooper
  36. “Wash me” written on a car
  37. Little white church
  38. Big giant church
  39. Cemetery
  40. Real estate for sale
  41. Coca Cola truck
  42. Driver on a cell phone
  43. U-Haul
  44. Sign with Oglethorpe on it
  45. Disney sign or sticker
  46. Sam’s Club
  47. Rest Area
  48. Tanger Outlet Sign
  49. Car with a Travel Container on roof
  50. Trailer with animals in it

Feel free to copy and paste. Depending on where you’re traveling, you may need to edit some of the items. I hope wherever the road takes you this autumn; you have a safe and wonderful trip!

Change of Plans {Hurricane Matthew}

I am so incredibly sad for all those affected by Hurricane Matthew. I pray that the cleanup will be quick and that those affected will be able to recover from their losses. I’ve heard that there has been loss of life. I pray for healing and comfort for the families of those people.

While our fall break was interrupted, we really can’t complain. We tried to make the best of the change of plans. The drive out of Hilton Head took about twice the time it should have, but the state officials did a GREAT job moving people out!


We had to break the trip into two days due to the fact that we are traveling with a small child, children who get extremely carsick, and two sets of grandparents. When we finally arrived at our hotel, it was mid-afternoon. We ate an early dinner at a restaurant called Farm to Fork in Ringgold, GA. I’ll have a full review of that place soon (hopefully). Later, once the grandparents arrived, we met up at Gateway Antique Mall. They had lots of Civil War items. None of us bought anything because the prices seemed a little inflated. The next day, we headed out early to Chattanooga, TN. The first thing we did was head to the Tennessee Valley Railroad. We took the Missionary Ridge ride. It was extremely short, but I think everyone enjoyed riding a train and seeing the way it worked. imageimageimage

Later, we traveled on to the Chattanooga Aquarium. They were so nice to offer people who’d had to evacuate due to the hurricane, 50% off admission. We enjoyed the aquarium. We were a little disappointed that there weren’t any dolphins, manatees, or any kind of whale. There were several touching stations, which we thoroughly enjoyed. I could have stayed in the jellyfish exhibit forever! I actually think we will be getting an aquarium with some of those amazing creatures come Christmas time. Chattanooga is a cute city and I could probably visit again over a long weekend and really find lots to enjoy!


Before the Storm {Hurricane Matthew: Hilton Head}

The storm is on its way in; so we are on our way out. It’s a sad way to end what was supposed to be a week of a relaxing fall break before the madness of school activities and the holidays started. The evacuations started yesterday, but we are heading out today. Here’s what it looked like yesterday…


We had the whole beach to ourselves yesterday. It looks like we have the whole city to ourselves as we drive out.


We are hopeful that all those in the storm’s path stay safe and that Matthew will be downgraded before it does any more harm. We are on to the next place for now and will see if we can find some fun adventures along the way.

Super Spicy Buffalo Dip {recipe}

I made a buffalo dip last night that was so hot that my kids were running to get glasses of milk and huge dollops of sour cream. I even had to have sour cream with mine. I love sour cream so it was a bonus.

If you like spicy, this should hit the spot.

Loved in the South’s Super Spicy Buffalo Dip

3 large cans of chicken breasts (drained)

1 bottle of spicy buffalo sauce

1.5 containers of jalapeño cream cheese

1 can diced jalapeños

Mix it all together in a large bowl until smooth. Put it in a casserole dish. Put cheese all over the top.  Bake at 350 until cheese is melted and the dip is bubbly.

Serve with tortilla chips if you don’t count carbs. For a lower carb dish, ditch the chips and find a fork. It’s delish!