Christmas Home Tour {a little late}

The hustle and bustle of the holiday is finally slowing down. I always feel like I really start to enjoy Christmas AFTER Christmas. It’s usually those days after where I get to spend real quality time with the children without worrying about gift buying or school.

I wanted to share my Christmas decorations, but just couldn’t find the time until now. I hope you won’t mind. This will also help me next year when I’m trying remember how I did it last year.

I will try to share a few rooms at a time.

I like to decorate the foyer colorfully. I love my nutcracker tree and all the nutcrackers lining the stairs. I always try to add to my collection after Christmas when I can usually find them 50% off.




The ornaments in the glass vase are from my parents and Granny. I love how colorful they look.


I painted that little snowman before we had our first child. That’s probably the last time I had a chance to do something like that.


I try to decorate every room in the house. The tree above is in the guest bath.

I asked my daughter if she could paint a Christmas tree with a cross for the little bathroom. I love how this turned out. I also have more ornaments in jars in this room as well.


I will try to share more rooms in the days to come before I finally have to take it all down.




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