Late Christmas Tour

A little more of the home tour…

imageimageimageimageimageimageThese are pictures from our dining room and living room.

The tree is what we call the “peacock tree”. It’s decorated with all things colored or themed peacock.

On the mantle in the living room, I have one Christmas tree I painted when I didn’t have any children. The other tree is from a village set. The fabulous snowman was a joint creation from my husband and third daughter at a pottery class. It is among my favorite things–ever! I got the stockings from Pottery Barn Kids after a flood in our basement over the summer ruined our old ones.

The dining room is decorated with my Spode tablecloth and napkins. I also have more hand-me-down ornaments  decorating this room as well. The back of the dining chairs have a wreath with plaid ribbons on the backs. I love how festive it looks!



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