One year ago this month we celebrated our sweet Olivia’s birthday. The very next night we were startled by a frantic banging on our bedroom door. I heard fearful yells from upstairs. I sprinted upstairs to see my second daughter, Lillian, putting Olivia in the recovery position as she was in the middle of a tonic clonic seizure. David had woken up to the feeling of her kicking him on the trundle bed he sleeps on right under her bed. He has a pretty broad knowledge of health related facts for a kid. He recognized she was having a seizure and needed help.
She had a couple more little seizures between the first big one and us getting her to the hospital. They started her on anti-seizure medication and sent us home.

When she was a little kid she had a different kind of seizure called Panayiotopoulos syndrome (occipital seizures), but was not on medication. She also had ”spells” during her period which we now believe were catamenial seizures.

Fortunately, she has done very well on the medication and being mindful of her lifestyle.
We are also very blessed with a close friend who runs a nonprofit for women and girls with epilepsy called My Epilepsy Story.
She is full of knowledge and a great help when looking for resources.

Epilepsy has changed our lives in some ways, but overall things are mostly the same. We are fortunate to have a great neurologist and support system. Not everyone is as fortunate. If you or anyone you know is affected by epilepsy I’d love to hear from you on what has been a blessing on your journey. Please check out my friend’s site for more information on women and girls with epilepsy.

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