Five Daughters Bakery {Nashville}

Recently, we had a Nashville-themed birthday party for my eldest, and since she’s not much of a cake fan, we always look for a different dessert for her birthday. Five Daughter’s Bakery is in Nashville (and a couple of other locations as well) and has rave reviews. I asked people if it was really worth the hype and the price (at around $4.50 a doughnut). EVERY PERSON I asked said it was totally worth both! My sister is one of the most generous and helpful people who you could ever meet. She lives in Nashville and was so sweet to offer to run all over God’s creation collecting things we needed for this party. She went on Saturday morning before the party and got three dozen doughnuts. We got a variety. Since they are huge, we split most into three and everyone got to have a sampling of Five Daughters.  My favorite was the simple cinnamon sugar doughnut. I also really like the vanilla filled doughnut. Now, I can confidently say that they are indeed worth the hype and the price. If you’re ever in Nashville, stop by Five Daughters Bakery and get a doughnut or two. You’ll thank me later!


Pirate Party Goody Bags

My little boy loves everything that involves pirates, dragons, and sharks. We incorporated his love for these things into his fourth birthday party.

I try to make the goody bags go along seamlessly with the theme. One of my rules is that the goodies be ones that are fun and enjoyable. No one likes getting a goody bag filled with things that are useless and will go directly into the trash can.

IMG_0470.JPGIn this goody bag I tried to put only things that went with a pirate and water theme. I put pirate sword bubbles ( Oriental Trading), Lifesavers candies, Hershey’s Treasures, Swedish Fish, Ring Pops, Goldfish crackers, Pirate’s Booty popcorn, pirate pencils, and pirate beach balls (Oriental Trading). We had regular lunch bags that I let the birthday boy and one of his sisters decorate with stickers from Dollar Tree.

Goody bags are a way to extend the fun to each child’s home after the party is over.

More Science Party Fun {Experiment}

One of the other experiments we did during the party was Exploding Elephant Toothpaste. It is a very easy experiment; but it does require some ingredients that you may not have on hand.


You need:

plastic bottles


safety glasses


12% hydrogen peroxide (I got mine from Sally’s Beauty Supply)


dish soap

food coloring

We did this experiment outside. Each child was given safety glasses and gloves to wear.  I gave each child their own bottle. I had them choose a color to add to their bottle. Using the funnel, they then added 4 oz. of hydrogen peroxide. After adding a drop of dish soap, they gently swirled the bottle to mix the ingredients. In a small cup, they then added a packet of yeast and warm water. Then the fun was really about to begin…

They added the yeast mixture into their bottles and voila…Exploding Elephant Toothpaste.

I had the bottles in a deep disposable metal pan. The children could feel the heat from the exothermic reaction that had been created.

Steve Spangler explains the science behind it. “The yeast works as a catalyst to release the oxygen molecules from the hydrogen peroxide solution. The oxygen-filled bubbles, which make up the foam, are actually the remainder of what happens when the hydrogen peroxide breaks down into water (H2O) and oxygen (O2). The bottle will feel warm to the touch because this is an exothermic reaction in which energy, in the form of heat, is given off.”


Frozen Birthday Party


Two years ago when Frozen was all the rage, we had a party for my two youngest girls. Their birthdays are only one week apart and so far, they always agree on the theme. We sent out custom invitations with their pictures on them. I like to do this whenever I can, so we have a memory of the theme of their party and what they looked like at that time.



We made Snow Capped Mountain punch. It was just blue Hawaiian punch, Sprite, and Vanilla ice cream.


We had snowballs on a different table (powdered sugar doughnut holes), the standard chicken salad and croissants, chips and dip, a fruit tray (not shown), cheese tray (not shown), Swedish meatballs, tuna salad, and two Scandinavian jellies.220

Finding the Frozen decorations was no problem, but finding the snow themed items was a lot harder due to the fact their birthdays are in the middle of the summer. My crafty daughter made many huge snowflakes. I was able to purchase several items on Oriental Trading.



We made the Frozen tree from sticks we found in our yard. We spray painted them silver and added icicle ornaments from Amazon.


Once everyone arrived, we played our unwrapping game. Basically a gift is wrapped in many layers and hot potato style it gets passed and unwrapped until the person actually gets the prize. I use all the plastic bags I have on hand at the time. It makes a lot of layers. The gift was an artificial snow making kit. It was a hit!

The kids made Olaf out of jelly beans, powdered doughnuts, mini chocolate chips, multi colored Twizzlers, and pretzel sticks.

We had a game outside where I had a bucket of ice water and items hidden inside. They had 30 seconds to grab as many items as possible. It was hilarious to watch because it was so hard to do.

There was another game where each person got an ice cube and they raced to melt it as fast as they could on a plate but they could not use their hands.

We also played trivia with facts about the movie .

                                                         “Frozen” Movie Trivia

  1. What is the name of the snowman who guards Elsa’s ice palace? (A) Marshmallow (B) Icy (C) Cold Heart
  2.  What other Disney princess is attending the coronation?
  3. Idina Menzel, voice of Elsa, is in what other Disney film?

                   (A) The Princess Diaries (B) Enchanted (C) Brave 

4. What is Anna and Elsa’s favorite food?

  1. Which Hans Christian Andersen story is Frozen inspired by? (A) The Angel (B) Ice Maiden (C) Snow Queen

6. Which of the following is NOT an ingredient for the icy force described in the song ” Frozen Heart”? (A) cold (B) winter air (C) freezing wind (D) mountain rain

7. Which character in the film comes up with the line, “I like warm hugs.”?

8. What is the name of the software that Frozen’s creative team invented to create realistic looking snow? (A) Matterhorn (B) Ice Palace (C) Blizzard (D) Everest

9.How many brothers does Hans of the Southern Isles have?

10. What time do Anna and Hans break into their song “Love Is An Open Door”?

11. A stuffed toy version of which famous Disney character makes a very brief cameo in the film? (A) Donald Duck (B) Goofy (C) Pluto (D) Mickey Mouse

12. Where does Elsa create her Ice Palace? (A) South Pole (B) Southern Mountain (C) North Mountain

13. Which animals serve as backup dancers to Olaf when he sings “Summer” (A) penguins (B) chipmunks (C) seagulls (D) squirrels

14. Who convinces Kristoff  to go back and help Arendelle?

15. When was Kristoff adopted and by whom?


I don’t have a picture of it, but we did make snow cones as well. It was messy and required more than two adults. 236234235


237 We had the movie playing while the party was going on.


The cake was one of the easiest I made in a long time. It was just three layers with buttercream icing. I decorated it with the snow looking sprinkles, rock candy lollipops (from Oriental Trading) and the figurines I purchased at the Disney Store.

I wish I had a picture of what we did to Prince Hans. We stuck him upside down in a cup of water and froze him solid. We brought him out before we had the cake and the kids thought it was the funniest thing ever!

We had a nice party. I wish I had more pictures. Now that I’m writing this little blog, I hope to do better with that kind of thing.